Goodness, haven’t done one of these since May. Here I am. With some site news and articles or people to pay attention to.

Bits and Bytes

  • Even though I’ve embarked on my trip, a dose of inspiration never hurts. Fist pumps go to Caz and Craig’s post I’m Not Afraid to Take a Stand For My Dreams. Caz’s passion for music and fondness for Eminem’s comeback song I’m Not Afraid sends a clear message: remember your dreams and live them before it’s too late.
  • Gary Arndt’s honest interview with Thrilling Heroics’s creator Cody McKibben left me questioning the validity of lifestyle redesign. At 27:30 Gary emphasizes the responsibility of that niche to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. Do you agree?
  • Travelers constantly write about being the the victim of a robbery, but what are the ethics when someone else is robbed?  And their actions could affect others in the vicinity. Ayngelina’s excellent post on a situation in Colombia poses the question. What would you do?
  • Speaking of lifestyle design, I just discovered the fab Simon Black. His site Sovereign Man communicates practicalities on how to deal with banking overseas, finances, or how a country’s economy operates. Ain’t that useful sauce to pour over your nomadic dreams!
  • Even though Matt Long’s article Travel and the Thirty-Something Midlife Crisis was published last June, it’s still very relevant to my age group. I refer to it now and again to trace the path of my own life. How Generation X bubbled with yearnings for something beyond how our parents worked or lived, yet unsure if we should proceed, let alone give ourselves permission. It’s a touching, brave article.

Nomadic Chick News

  • My little site was named one of the top 150 Travel Blogs for students. Pretty good for this old gal. Then in the same two week span TravMonkey compiled Google’s top 100 Travel Sites, thankfully I made it. Avoided the guillotine again.
  • The Canada tour is about to end. Child Haven, the organization I’m volunteering with squared away my India visa. Next week I bus to Maine from New Brunswick and onto the Big Apple. There I’ll meet up with some travel writers and bloggers, then spend time with my cousin. I haven’t been to New York since I was 10 or seen my cousin in 30 years!  Heady reunions lie in wait.
  • After New York, I’m off to Copenhagen to participate in TBEX Europe. At a glance, the speakers and workshops look amazing. Stay tuned for updates on that event.
  • From Copenhagen,  I plan to attend the World Travel Market in London from November 8 to 11. It will be exciting to meet some folks I’ve been interacting with for months. Oliver of Bloggers Unite, Andy Jarosz of 501 Places, and The Explorateur to name a few.
  • Finally, on November 12 I’m bound for India and my 3 month volunteer stint.

All my chip consuming, cookie eating in New Brunswick is about to drastically change. Keep following along as I dispense tales of Delhi belly, heat stroke and much more! Until next time.