What a week! Much to discuss.

Bits and Bytes

  • While debate rages on about the voice of a destination versus the personality of a writer at Traveling Savage, what also hooked me this week is our emotional triggers to travel. Travel writers sometimes focus on great beaches or eats, but neglect the personal impact. My new favorite writer, Suzy Guese, returned to Ortigia, Sicily with intentions of recreating moments she spent there as a student. Her article triggered my own trepidations on returning to Thailand. Could this mean revisiting a place is about recreating the person we were at the time? I wonder. Thailand can’t be about that, since I was a miserable, chubby sod. Whatever transpires, I’m certain it’s about triumphing over my past self. You’ll be surprised what Suzy discovers.
  • Moving on from reacquainting to farewells, The Adventures of D wrote a poignant post about saying goodbye to her co-workers. In all the heady planning, we forget the finality of “goodbyes”. Yet, I try to view those moments as a door opening to new “hellos”.
  • On the business back end, have you all signed up for Travel Blog Success yet? I haven’t, just weighing all the options. I’m also interested in the webinars offered by Global Bloggers Network. I’m impressed with the caliber of resources for fresh bloggers. It’s reassuring that someone’s done it before, and accomplished it tenfold.
  • A couple of resources I’m dying to check out is Casa Casa and Housecarers.com. Casa Casa is the price of a hostel with the interaction of couch surfing. What does $10 or $15 get you? Hopefully extra pancakes at breakfast. House Carers is handy for aspiring layabouts. You can do house sitting stints for a week to several months. The advantage? A crabby flashpacker like me doesn’t have to share space with rude hostelers, and they don’t have to share space with my snoring. It’s beneficial for all. Little hint: If you’re a travel blogger it’s free to sign up with Casa Casa.

Nomadic Chick News

  • I found a man! Hold off on my bridal registry, I meant a web designer. He’s local and hopefully able to bring my site to a new level of stupidity and confusion. Betcha you can’t wait. Again, I ask your patience as design changes occur.
  • Still massaging my potential contributor. We’re meeting over muffins on Sunday to catch up and cover particulars. Wish me luck! She would seriously offer entertainment and infect others with her passion for travel, I just know it.
  • My infamy grows: a piece I penned will appear on One Travel. Thanks to Aldo Singer for the chance to wet my feet, but when he asked that the topic be romantic destinations, my gut tightened. Contrary to gender stereotypes, this chick is not Ophelia gone mad for Hamlet, the death of my femininity symbolized by the womb of a willow tree (casket) and drowning (bad girl, for sexing up Hamlet). Translation: I blow at romance.  Ever the consummate professional, I pulled a rabbit out of my rear end. Notebook Part Deux should be online February 18.

When Harry Met Sally

I’ve baited you long enough. My first tweet-up with Shawnosaurus was surreal. Can anyone else relate to this? It had all the components of a date without a grope or sloppy kiss. Hmm.. that’s the majority of my real dates. I digress, the surreal aspect was the chance to interact with a live person from the travel blogging and Twitter streams. We blab about travel and resources from such a distance that meeting face-to-face was slightly nerve-wracking.

The restaurant:

Oh the food! Perogies and vegetarian cabbage rolls washed down with Baltic beer. Scrumptious! I gorged myself.  Shawn probably thought, what a horse-eater…

What you’ve all been salivating for, pictorial evidence (photo courtesy of our authentic Ukrainian server):

Topics of discussion included travel writing, blogging, forums, Dave Lee’s charisma, and some personal info I won’t divulge here. Use your imagination and fill in the dialogue. The main event centered around swapping travel stories.  It was refreshing to regale tales and not have the person’s gaze drift to a stain on the tablecloth or better yet, the yawn. Ohhh, so tired, can we stop talking about your travels, because I’m jealous and petty?? Suffice it to say, Shawn should churn out a non-fiction book about his past adventures. He started vagabonding before the term was invented.  Sorry, Rolf.

Quick note about the Ukrainian Village, servings were generous with a price tag of $17.95, I thought it was a decent deal.

All in all, I had a fabulous time. It felt like I was interacting with a peer, which has been sadly lacking thus far. I encourage others to do a tweet-up in your area. Join the tribe, it’s worth it.