I’m nursing a serious headache tonight. Everyday a new thread is woven into my travel tapestry. My brain is exploding with constant ideas as each one arrives. While some of this is old news to a few of you, much of it are newfound discoveries to me. I decided to pull a few bits and bytes of the week into one post, in an effort to keep it straight in my head, if not yours.

Bits and Bytes

  • First off, I’m famous! Ted Beattie, a writer for Rolf Potts’ site Vagabonding, zoned in on the concept of post-millennium travel in the article A Parrot in Your Pocket Who Twitters in Your Ear. Ted wrote about Twitter, a platform that melds community and technology into one. So true. I’m an eighties child, so technology included fat, clunky keyboards with a green screen and Atari video games. Remember those? Ted’s article reminded me how I live in both worlds. I enjoy writing in a journal just as much as participating in our hashtag team #RTWsoon. Naturally, my little photo appeared along with Travels of Adam, The Adventures of D, and Twenty-Something Travel. Didn’t someone on Twitter say that travel bloggers aren’t humble? Possibly.
  • After reading Catia’s post about why she decided to go round-the-world, it brought me back to my moment of clarity. It’s akin to a switch in your head turning on. I took a stark look at my desk one morning at work – it hit me bloody hard – this is not where I want to be in the next five years. Maybe some of you experienced the same.
  • Speaking of leaving, The Aussie Nomad just gave notice at work. I’m looking forward to that post, since my turn will come in June.

Nomadic Chick News

  • The theme of my site is likely going to change. I know! And you just met me. My desire is to bring you information in a quicker, more orderly manner. If you adore my site as is, express vitrol over my decision in the comments. Kindly be patient as I coordinate design changes. The great content and laughs (there’s that humble again) won’t alter, just the look.
  • Cross your fingers, I also hope to add a regular contributor, a sassy writer who’ll give you tips like it is – straight up, no frills. Let’s pray scones and Italian coffee are enough to secure her.
  • To please the crowd aching to bolt from the starting line, I’m planning a series about unplugging from the cubicle. As I go through the process, why not share with you?
  • Finally, next Tuesday, yours truly is having her first tweet-up. Took me 15 minutes to figure out what that was, but it’s all good now. My first victim will be rerunaround. You know, the guy who might pick a perfect taco over  a perfect woman. We plan to shoot the breeze and Canadian geese over perogies. If only you could be that lone fly on the wall.