Welcome to Gypsy Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I strive to highlight all the juicy morsels related to travel and beyond.

I got tagged! Not for an STI or anything, Got Passport charged me with the task of creating a passion board. Aye created hers while taking an art class in 2006. After dusting it off recently, she discovered something interesting.  Aye’s spirit is infectious, spreading her love for inspiration and art to yours truly. Upon being asked, my first thoughts were – The Secret. Remember that phenomenon? A DVD, book, and glitzy marketing campaign amounted to one key point — visualization. If you picture it, it will come. Whether it’s an apple red Porsche or Halle Berry bursting out of a gigantic cake.

Ah, that’s not a passion board. The operative phrase is ‘raison d’etre’. Translated in English means: ‘something important one lives for’. The Secret hits a nerve on things we desire, but currently lack. I label that ‘grasping for pockets of nothingness’. Passion is fuel, things already in your arsenal, that which fires adrenaline and synapses.  Another way to view this is recalling your building blocks. Ditch The Secret, for the answers lie within.

Every decent board requires pretty paper:

The cat assisting (not):

Without further ado, the completed piece!

1.  Core Passion

Expression Tools

I grew up in a strange era, a mixture of old communication tools and accelerated technology. What anchors me is literature, symbolic of knowledge, dialogue and storytelling. Powerful stuff.

2.  My Obsessions

Wonder Woman

All my close friends know by now, I am a Wonder Woman freak. If I could fit a mummified sarcophagus of her in my room, it would be reality. My Wondy loot spans dolls, books, a lunch box, and a crate of comics. Why?? She was the first solo traveler I discovered. She went to Europe and defeated Nazis, traveled all over America and developing countries, not to mention her birthplace is a fantastic Greek island (Themyscira) where a sun dress and sandals are standard clothing. I was pulled to what she stands for (social justice), plus she owns an invisible plane. How cool is that? Gloria Steinem placed her on the very first cover of Ms. Magazine in 1972.


My attraction to coconut could solicit a restraining order. If I could wear it, drink it, or eat it 24 hours a day my life would be complete. Sadly, this could mean I once was one in a past life.


A good friend hooked me into letter writing. I’m constantly sending postcards or stationary adorned with stickers to far flung mates. Could be a romantic vision, but several authors of note penned correspondence to peers or lovers.  Perhaps it’s that drive to divide the personal from the professional, either way I’m wondering how to preserve this treasured hobby on the road.


Would I sacrifice virgins for the sun god? Possibly. That’s the enormity of my passion for buttery rays warming my skin. Friends will attest, lack of sun even affects my mood. Living in Vancouver is not conducive to my sun requirements. Time for a new town!

3.  Experience Junkie or Stuff Junkie

If you haven’t already, join the thoughtful discussion on experience over stuff at Uncornered Market. Piecing togther this passion board reminded me of that post. Me? I’m 110% an experience junkie.

Glorious Food

Sustenance. An absolute must, but in recent years I’ve graduated to foodie status. I’m most looking forward to street food. It’s cheap, varied, and reflective of local culture. Extra Imodium, here I come.

Happy Hour

I’ve been known to imbibe on occasion. Must remember to pack extra barf bags. Not those silly ones handed out on airplanes, they are only useful for holding mixed nuts. I allude to serious ones.  Thick and big.


Humor is my air. I could launch a manifesto on the numerous times laughter kept me alive when circumstances looked dismal. First item I seek in a mate, you better make me laugh, end of story.


Why is this image reminiscent of a Keg commercial? Part of my normal experience, not just travel, is meeting others.  I am addicted to stories. Even if someone reeks of the most boring person on earth, I guarantee they have a story.  Everyone does.


My curiosity knows no bounds when it comes to who, what, when, where. The world is large, I am small – seems to fit perfectly in my mind.


An expansive view from the wing of an airplane always evokes one word to me: freedom. A claustrophobic cubicle just doesn’t cut it.


Here’s my little terror in cat model mode. A pathetic admission, but I will miss her more than anyone. There’s a magical quality to animals that is often overlooked. Yup, call me crazy cat lady.

Whoopee, that was fun! Thanks to Aye and Jack for the opportunity to participate.