Welcome to Gypsy Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I strive to highlight all the juicy morsels related to travel and beyond.

Angie is cradling a drink, her hands damp from excitement and the pressing heat. She was a bit shocked when those friendly German hostelers invited her out, probably more shocked to actually be here. No matter, she dashes away memories of arriving to the airport frazzled, tears streaking her pale skin after bidding goodbye to her mother.

Drum n’ bass is pounding against the walls, inviting her to join the throng of party goers. She notices a particularly animated group, one full of laughter and bubbling conversation. Curiosity pulls her towards them until she spots the center of the storm – a single guy thrust in the middle. Intrigued, but slightly shy, she hovers outside the circle hearing snippets of philosophy at one end and a debate on art at the other.  She observes Mr. Center, the guy gesturing passionately with his hands, yet smiling the whole time.

Much to her surprise, the main draw of the group beelines towards her, no hesitation or misstep in his gait.

“Hi, my name’s Colin,” he says, his hand at the ready to clasp hers.

And she does, albeit nervously. He immediately asks if her drink needs refreshing.

“Uh, no, I’m fine.. “

A welcoming smile meets her eye-line, and somehow they launch into a discussion about the party and how she got there. His confident, easy demeanor chases any nerves she had into a corner of the room, never to be addressed again. She senses a possible friend, or if not, at least a connecting moment with someone swimming in ideas. An unmistakable spark surrounds him, glowing with the fury of trapped fireflies in a jar. Suddenly, it feels great to be here. Travel wasn’t as scary as she feared…

Alright, so the above didn’t actually happen. Oh, trust me, Colin Wright is that guy. The essence of cool.

After enduring a few technical glitches, we managed to have a great chat about his site, The Exile Lifestyle, learn what Untemplater is, and brace yourselves – a movie star makes an appearance. Sorta.. kinda.. By the way, the term “same human” is my number one of the year thus far.