Is Italy on your bucket list? Well, we cannot blame you! It is one of the go-to destinations for many people, and there is so much to explore! From food to wine, architecture to history, this is a favorite for many seasoned travelers. If you plan to travel to Italy anytime soon, keep on reading and learn from some of our suggestions on how you can have a one-of-a-kind vacation.

Take a Tour with a Local

If you like taking tours, you might want to try hiring a local as a tour guide for a change. This means that you will be helping the local economy. More than such, however, it is a great opportunity to discover a foreign culture from the perspective of locals. Because they have been living in Italy, for sure, they know more about its history. They can share valuable insights with you, which cannot be read in any other guidebook. Plus, they surely know all the hidden gems and even the best places to eat!

Eat in a Family-Owned Restaurant

A visit to Italy will not be complete without sampling its rich culinary heritage. There are plenty of Michelin star restaurants that have been featured in many books. But, for a better food experience, you should consider eating in family-owned restaurants. These places are operated by generations of families who have made Italy a popular destination for foodies. Whether it is a traditional pasta or a mouth-watering pizza, among other Italian dishes, the options will be endless.

Stay in a Trulli

 When it comes to accommodations in Italy, many of you will most probably think of fancy hotels. While there is nothing wrong with the latter, if you want to have a more authentic experience, you should enjoy your holiday in a trulli. It is an Apulian dry stone hut that comes with a conical roof. They are abundant in Itria Valley, so if you are thinking of visiting the Puglia region then you will have plenty of trulli options to choose from. They are built using prehistoric construction techniques, which add to their charm.

Visit in Time for Christmas

 Visiting during the Christmas season may be expensive, but it will surely be worth it. Locally known as Natale, it is one of the favorite holidays of Italians. Almost everywhere you go, you will feel the jolly spirit. From the lights to the decoration, you will definitely have a good time. Here are some of the best places to visit during the festive season. Of course, food is also one of the highlights of your holiday. There are three important meals during the season – Christmas Eve Dinner, Christmas Day Lunch, and Santo Stefano’s Lunch, which is celebrated on the 26th. This is an opportunity to sample the best dishes of the country.

Have a Cooking Holiday

 Again, we will emphasize that Italy is paradise for foodies. While you can eat traditional dishes almost everywhere, take the experience a notch higher by having a cooking holiday. You will not only have treat for your stomach, but you will also learn new many new skills. Uncover the secrets of Italian cooking through lectures and workshops. You will have first-hand cooking experience. At the end of your trip, you will be happy knowing that you can finally cook like a true Italian!