Loco.  Unhinged. Insanity. That seemed to be the theme of my interview with Hannah Murray on Travel Talk.

If you don’t recall, Talk Radio Europe interviewed me last Friday on live radio. They are the largest English language radio station in Spain and somehow caught wind of my scheme to run with the bulls this July.

She asked some thoughtful questions from what would possess me to to do this, to calling me crazy and claiming admiration for me in the same breath. I also offer some tips on where to run on the course if you’re a beginner.

I downloaded the interview and scraped it together into this visual montage to San Fermin. At 10 minutes, this is the kind of recording that requires a long sit, cookies and a strong cup of coffee (spiked if you prefer). Before you listen, I need to make a correction. I say the bull run is 860 m, that’s incorrect, it’s 825 m. I was nervous and messed up!

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