It was the build up. And the planning for six months that brought us to the moment when the rockets went off and we had to avert bulls and intoxicated tourists and locals alike. Along with remaining upright.

I’m brimming with stories, highlights, lowlights and all the drama you can muster in a tight three minutes.

First though, below is a broadcast from one of Spain’s largest TV stations Cautro. We are featured in the last eleven minutes and embarrassingly – the cameraman caught me stretching all cat-like.

You can always count on me to bring the dork. We were lucky to garner a buzz of media attention being interviewed by Dave and Deb of The Planet D for their Find Yours campaign with Expedia, Cuatro, Radio Euskadi and Atenna 3.

More is coming. An account of watching a bull run and a lengthy first-person narrative on our run that took place July 9th.

Mostly, I’m ecstatic to write this with no injuries, scratches or scrapes. Viva San Fermin!