I didn’t know what to expect when the rickshaw dropped me off in the old town of Udaipur. Reviews said Mewargarh Palace is decent and boast fair and accommodating owners. See, after so many couches, Murphy Beds, and unwashed sheets I’ve become cynical.

As though nothing could possibly please me now. I stood outside the dull brown latched door, pressed the doorbell, and walked in bracing myself.

I dropped my backpacks and lightening struck. Love. At first sight. Does that even happen anymore? My insides told me Р yes! Amore.

The charming courtyard:

Intricate window design:

My enchanting little room. He only charged me 400 RS for a 500 RS room!

Biggest bathroom I’ve had in India:

Cannot get over the adorable sunflower pillow:

Window and pale blue wooden shutters overlooking the courtyard:

Rooftop restaurant:

View from roof:

Chill out area:

My breakfast. Apple pancakes with fruit and sweet chai masala tea:

How I greet him everyday:

I love that it’s family owned. I love that the owner, Rizwan, told me it was his dream to open his own place after working in hotels for years. He said when you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.

No, it’s not a five star hotel or anything, but it’s mine. Besides, is any relationship actually perfect?

Mewargarh Palace did not sponsor this post, this is my personal review. The owners are helpful, honest and never pushed me to buy a tour. And they just installed a new A/C unit in my room, which means I love them even more. Why? He said I’m the first customer to use it, pay what you like! They are located 10 minutes (walking distance) from the major sites in Udaipur and can arrange decently priced rickshaw tours to the new part of town. Book them through Hostel World or read reviews on Trip Advisor. When arriving by bus, a rickshaw should cost 60 to 70 RS . Only one train a day comes to Udaipur from Jaipur, you’re better off with the bus. Enjoy! I did.