This is how I feel today:

  • Stressed. So much of my time was shot in India because of that staph monkey on my back. How do I maximize the rest in two weeks?!
  • Scared.  About the future. I absolutely do not want to return to my old life. Next steps are returning to Canada for TBEX in my hometown, work on some projects over the summer and ponder Latin America for the fall. If none of these pan out, not sure what’s in store. Pondering such nightmarish thoughts, stress me out!
  • A failure. I really get swayed by what others receive or what they’re doing. You lose sight when the majority of time is burned worrying about popularity contests, or whether your message makes an impact.

Then, once in a while, you write a piece that reawakens purpose. Fear and doubt can be a sucker punch, one that leaves you winded and confused. I don’t wag my tail often, yet I’m proud of this one, a beaming parent encircling her beloved child. This one sent me back to the beginning.

Guest post for End the Grind:

How Inception Nearly Defined Me.

Today, I actually feel invincible.

Inception photo courtesy of Blame The Analyst