People often ask me what is the best vantage point to see local life roll by.

Watch the road.

How a culture gets around indicates how they live. In turn, you witness fascinating and unpredicted modes of travel.

I come from a culture where the car is king. In India, I was endlessly exposed to human ingenuity.

Take a moment to pull up a seat at a café or straddle a fence. Linger on how daily motion blossoms. Movement isn’t always about racing to tick off a monument list, but slowing down to smell the pavement.

It’s the best education you could ever obtain.

If you haven’t heard, I’m part of the Ultimate Train Challenge starting in September. Part of the Ultimate Train Challenge is our commitment to raising $10,000 for charity, by partnering with the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation and the Da Nang Association of Agent Orange Victims. Each dollar will go directly to children at the center near Da Nang who suffer from the effects of Agent Orange to this day. You can help donate by purchasing Eurail tickets through my website or donate directly by going through the Ultimate Train Challenge site. I’d like to thank our European sponsor, Eurail for supporting this important cause.