I’m beyond excited!!

I’m proud to finally unveil our writer’s retreat location and details. Leigh and I had many sleepless nights crafting and creating the ultimate retreat. We are finally ready. Drum roll…!

Creative Revolution Retreats

When: February 3rd to the 10th, 2015

Where? Samasati Nature Retreat on the gorgeous Caribbean coast of Costa Rica

What are we going to do? Spark Your Revolution!

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View on the terrace at Samsati Nature Retreat

View on the terrace at Samasati Nature Retreat

This is the beginning of something amazing. Renewal always happens this way.

Writing taught me to express myself.

Writing gave me confidence.

Travel and writing about it gave me my voice.

Just writing period told me that I’m a writer.

We want to show others that they can discover these truths and more, especially in a setting carved out for self care and development. It’s time to sweep away those distractions to concentrate on the flow, the craft of creation.

Why Call it Creative Revolution Retreats?

Names can hold so much meaning and we wanted to spark a fire. Revolution means a wave is rumbling, one of intense change. It could be an external apparatus or one solely focused internally.

There’s been a tech revolution, with how prominent the Internet has become and the many layers that have emerged with its popularity.

There’s been a business revolution, that has spun out a breed of innovative entrepreneurs.

So why not have a Creative Revolution?? Spark a creative change?

We mistake the creative desire for one that is penniless and miserable. Instead of one that is a conceivable, real approach to life.

Through writing, you can learn this.

What Are You Going to Learn Should You Attend?

Our retreat is for the stuck ones. Is that you?

For the ones who want to get started and generate ideas. Is this you too?

For the ones who want concrete writing goals to stick to beyond the retreat. Oh, I bet this is you.

Especially for the ones that crave quiet inspiration in a peaceful setting. This is everybody!

In the 250 acres of lush jungle and the water views of Samsati, we’ll weave a safe place filled with support and positivity.

We’ll explore story mechanics, dialogue, storytelling methods, different aspects of the writing process and give one-on-ones after a day of workshops to allow you to work individually on your writing goals.

Most importantly, the intention is to have you leave with tools. A jar of metaphorical paint brushes that you can utilize again and again to hone your craft.

Leigh and I sincerely believe expression and the self are intimately connected, and that we lose this part of ourselves through self-doubt and criticism from others. We want to encourage you to bring it back.

Sunset - Samsati Nature Retreat

Sunset – Samasati Nature Retreat

Who is This Retreat For?

Women. You asked us for this retreat.

You completed a survey a few months back and told us this is what you wanted. Our respondents were 95% women! Women seeking a cocooned place to share with other writers in a comforting, supportive environment. Women able to escape the confines of daily drudgery to allow those creative seeds to grow.

Sorry men — there will be more retreats in the future, so don’t lose hope!

Samasati Nature Retreat

You’ll notice I’ve been slyly inserting photos of Samsati in this post, well, there’s good reason.

We chose this place for several factors. It’s the perfect setting to find what you need.

Be it jungle walks, plant life or animals.

Yoga and meditation.

Delicious food.

Natural pools to splash around in — even a hot tub on the premises.

Nearby beaches to bask in and the sea to cleanse yourself.

We figured this is the right backdrop to allow your creativity to flow.

Taking care of yourself holistically can shed so much light on who you are and what kind of writer you want to be.

Costa Rica itself has the worldwide reputation of being eco conscious, preserving its beauty with care and thought, and we love that!


Stoking the fires

My Dream

It took me a long time to believe in myself.  From the moment I wrote that first word on lined paper to tapping my fingers rapidly on a keyboard in the present day means writing was always a spectre. One that used to scare me.

The many months of doubt I had while considering traveling the world, let alone doing it is still a surprise as I write this from a hotel room in Brussels, Belgium.

I no longer fear what I can do and what I want.

Writing and travel has given me so much that it would be my humble pleasure to give the same gift in return — to support you.

Besides, don’t you want to hang with me for seven days in a tropical country and consume drinks that are slightly heavy on the rum and umbrellas?

That’s also part of having a Creative Revolution.

I truly hope you can join us!

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Twitter hashtag: #CRRetreats2015. Watch for tweets on my feed with that hashtag!

*We’ve given plenty of lead time for you to consider joining us. This is about investing in yourself, so we hope you do!

See you in Costa Rica!  Love ,Jeannie

See you in Costa Rica! Love, Jeannie