This was always my dream.

As an awkward, scarred teen trying to flee the gloom at home, I ran to the only place of refuge — my local library.

My unwrinkled hands, still soft and supple with youth, use to skim across the spines of books, touch words that led to worlds. Older books were riddled with yellowed paper, worn from thumbprints and age. They always emitted an inescapable, pungent odour of vinegar, or sometimes the pages stuck together and the sweet smell of honey was left on my fingers.

I escaped through books, unearthing romance, adventure and knowledge. Sped on magic carpets to India, England, France or Iran. Found solace through authors who wrote aching prose, digging under my skin, sometimes these writers rooted in my core, inducing the most volcanic belly laughs.

Books have always been my friend and teacher. Before independent bookstores died a slow, agonizing death, I always dreamed of opening one to share that electricity a small girl of twelve felt, a girl who could barely reach the shelves, when she pulled her first adult sized book, agog at the lengthy string of letters and numbers on the spine, marvelling at the story’s description, impressed with the cover art. That drum of anticipation as the book is cracked to chapter one, the beginning of everything.

But I’m a digital warrior now and my life goes with me in a 62L bag, so this bookstore, my bookstore (it feels tingly to write that) must also come with me.

Welcome fellow bookphiles, the NC bookstore is officially open for business!

Click here to open —> Bookstore!

Why a Bookstore?

It’s the union of my three loves: writing, books and travel. When I thought of any other thing that I’m adept at, could try out, I knew this was the only option for me.

Isn’t it simultaneously frightening and wonderful to know that about yourself?

Finally, women deserve to star in their own travel adventure and I feel there aren’t enough resources to encourage us to go for it. My aim is to offer a one-stop portal for you to realize your ideas or dreams. I’m frankly tired of scattered resources that can be exhausting to chase down, aren’t you? And what better way to be inspired and moved than by arming yourself with information?

What’s in the Bookstore?

Lots of goodies. Thus far I’ve meted out books for women, general guidebooks and writing or publishing tools. Please take a tour, peek at my stock. Eventually I’ll be adding more in the areas of non-fiction or fictional writers as well, with focus on female authors. The possibilities are endless and I love that!

What About the Selection?

I didn’t choose these books from some dingy back alley dime store, that’s my guarantee. Every single book was hand picked by me, read by me and vetted for quality. There’s no Danielle Steele, 50 Shades of Awful or nasally boring how-to guides, but tangible resources to allow you to soar or come away with a head full of plans. If you aren’t madly scribbling notes, as a mushroom cloud of fantastic implodes in your brain, let me know, I’ll consider pulling a book.

Live a Life of Travel - Cover2

How am I Going to Know About These Books?

Every month I’ll feature a book that I’ve personally read and reviewed, to of course, lay out the nuances and the positives and negatives, but to also tell you how this book can benefit your life. Remember, I personally chose these books for the very reason that they’ve spoken to me, so any feature will come from the heart. Also, I simply don’t choose crap, just not in my nature!

What’s in it for Jeannie?

Clearly like any bookstore, I need to turn a profit or I’ll be out on my ear, sucking back pavement. In digital terms, the big bad domain company will take away my domain and Nomadic Chick will be no more. To dial back the dramatics, all the books are part of affiliate partnerships I have forged with people I respect. So, yes, if you buy a book, Jeannie can eat for another day. Everybody wins!


What About My Book?

If you hadn’t heard the news, I am in the midst of writing my own book and will certainly be selling my books through the store. And don’t ask how it’s going unless you want to an earful of doubt, sorrow and whiskey soaked writer’s block.

Where do I Find the Store?

Click on the link provided in this post or visit the top navigation menu and you’ll find it there! Happy reading!


The sad, shitty truth is there’s a dearth. There’s a black space of blanket encouragement for women to be what they choose, at any age or point in their lives. But for anyone in general, the creative, travel lifestyle is still regarded with rabid dogs and steely suspicion.

So I throw down the gauntlet to tell you it’s not true, you can choose, you can do and be. It may seem like some piddly bookstore, but it’s a step towards everything, a thread that began when I opened that first book at age twelve.

Now it’s your turn. So, welcome!