I hope you read my site for enjoyment, even to learn something about yourself or the world around you.

So, I hope you forgive me for going down on my knees to beg, but the Ultimate Train Challenge team really needs your help.

If you’ve been reading me for some time, you know I volunteered last year in India. In many ways, it was life altering and one of the attractive things about the Train Challenge was the charity aspect.

We really hope to try and reach our $10,000 goal for the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, who are supporting children horribly affected by Agent Orange.

Yes, still, to this day, they are affected. And suffer from problems, from physical to mental, having a difficult time fitting into their surroundings.

The Da Nang Association of Agent Orange Victims runs a centre to help these kids by teaching them usable skills, offering physical rehabilitation or emotional support.

Anything you can give, be it $25, $50 or $100 is so appreciated. The truth? We are nowhere near our $10,000 goal. And that saddens me.

Here’s how you can give!

Donations to VVAF can be made by check sent to:

The Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation Program
737 8th Street SE, Suite 202
Washington, DC 20003

Please note on the memo line that the donation goes to the project to support children with disability associated with Agent Orange. The International Center (which oversees VVAF programs in Vietnam) is recognized by the CRA (Canadian) and IRS (American) as a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations made to IC/VVAF are tax-deductible. If you would like a copy of IC/VVAF’s tax-exempt letter please contact tgriffiths@ic-vvaf.org.

Or donate electronically by clicking on the image below. Note: the PayPal link is on the home page, left hand side:

Vietnam Veterans of American Foundation logo

And people, here’s your incentive to donate! I’m offering up this man:

He’s willing to auction off his hair style to you, my readers. Mohawk? Corn rows? Braids? Or, let’s have Nora pick a hair color for him. She wants pink, I secretly want blue. Final votes will be tallied, so share them in the comments.

Do your part. Shatter a man’s dating opportunities and ego.

If you don’t do it for the sheer shits and giggles, at least do it for the kids.

Thanks for reading and I should really get up now. My knees are killing me.