Reunited, and it feels so good!

Basically, I had little time to explore such wonderful sights like Red Square, the Kremlin, Bolshoi Theatre or Gorky’s house.

Instead, on Friday, I had 30 minutes to pick up our tickets so generously provided by Real Russia before their office closed. It was a mad dash through the metro stations and deciphering an unknown language.

On metro escalator scrambling to get our tickets!

I showed up to their office sweating and staggering, but got the tickets in hand. Jaysus.

The one comfort was Prosto Hostel. I’m such an art appreciator and Lydia, the cute and cheerful owner, had her artist friend leave her artistic mark all over the hostel.

Tactile door numbers!

Wicked art in the kitchen

Stairwell art

Orange haze of relaxation

I had a great night’s sleep and am primed and ready for the next phase: the Trans-Siberian.

Let’s just hope nothing implodes, like my bowels, or Hodson, maybe even Nora’s unwavering patience might crack.

Be sure to check the Ultimate Train Challenge website for updates and so on.

My little side project while we are basically off-line for six days is taking a daily photo that captures my mood or a moment – with my iPhone!

Finally, I’ll leave you with some cultural idiocy. Eating caviar, mussels and some preserved herring on a rice cracker. Done up, Russian style, ha!