As a solo female, I’m always seeking interesting accommodation options that offers variety or safety considerations. Last month I discussed the potential benefits of short-term accommodation, noticing an explosion in the travel market with services such as Airbnb, 9flats or HomeAway – given a loving hand by Lara Dunston and Terence Carter of Gran Tourismo in 2010.

It seems there are benefits to swapping a hostel for an apartment. And perhaps the quest is to not only visit the places we are curious about, but to also immerse ourselves. Soak in culture until we’re shivering to the bone, fully enlightened for having the experience.

My first attempt at Roomorama, targeted for the discerning traveler was a testament of discovery. In the video, I discuss how Roomorama works and show you my room in Taipei, Taiwan:

As you saw, the type of accommodations does vary from city to city.

In Taipei, the photos of the studio proved more alluring than reality. The couch really had seen better parties, the bathroom floor was badly scuffed, leaving me wondering if a wrestling match had taken place and who lost, and a block heater would have done me well, for Taipei homes lack central heating.

However, dealing with Roomorama’s site was no-fuss. I managed to start a profile with no problem, could even add a photo of myself to show potential hosts that ‘ex-convict’ is not in my lexicon and the layout is divided by ‘inquires’ (acccomodation providers you’ve contacted) to ‘bookings’ (places confirmed).

As with all these sites, you have a chance to write a review of the host, which can impact future stays for other travelers, so be honest!

My video briefly mentions their perks program. This could very well send Roomorama into the unique category among short term accommodation providers. Discounts are accessible for services like tours, museums or restaurants.

Though I was mildly disappointed with my stay in Taipei, the neighborhood itself was a treat to witness and I did feel secure. Besides the front door lock, there was an additional door to access the stairs to my flat that required a key. For a change, I erred on the side of maverick, not even using my pacsafe for my computer. However, doubt I would venture on the side of danger like that too often!

If you want to connect with Roomorama on social media channels, they have a tasteful Facebook page where pictures of properties will have you salivating or interact with them on Twitter.

Next, I get the chance to test Roomoram again in Hong Kong.

Have you tried short term accommodations and what were the results?