It all began at age nineteen.


After toiling at a daycare job, I found myself with a healthy bank account. My inner self fantasized about volunteering overseas, tasting exotic foods and experiencing cultural exchange, but external pressures won. Travel to Spain or buy a car? Naturally, I picked the car. First wrong turn complete. Next, I decided post-secondary education was essential because everyone else did it. That’s where I met my partner.

Eleven years later, I traded him in for mounting debt and chronic back pain.

After my break up, I worked at an engineering company for seven years by the time I woke to the realization that I was an impostor in my own story. Stuck at a desk job that was unsatisfying and going through the motions of an existence I questioned, something cataclysmic had to happen.

The North American milestones that are supposed to bring happiness made me miserable. Worst still, my joy and vitality were sapped. After spotting a few grey hairs on my head, it was time to denounce fear, and pursue a life of no regrets.

By June 2010, I sold all my earthly possessions and bought a one way ticket to India.

As a writer and traveler, I continue to roam the world and share my stories, passing my days filled with inspiration, adventure and creativity. I’ve never looked back.

At a certain age, we are often told “you can’t”.

You can’t alter the course of your path.
You can’t reinvent yourself.
You can’t pursue your dreams because you’re too old.

Nomadic Chick is about possibilities that are not defined by a zip code, to leap in with your eyes closed and take chances with your life. No matter what your age, your location or accomplishments.

Because travel and life is just that, a wonderful, bold, cheeky and exhilarating ride.

What I hope is that you’ll join me on this ride. It’s already been epic and will continue to be.

I promise.