Again, I go silent.

My excuse, if I have one, is I’ve been recharging. The holidays were a time to get back to a community of friends, get more in touch with goals I want to push forward for 2016, and quite honestly — figure out what I want to do with this blog.

I’m slowly gathering energy again to devote more time to this blog, to write my heart out.

According to numerology, my year is anahata — the year of being unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten.

But I couldn’t have gotten here without all the things that happened last year. Take a stroll with me as I review the most memorable moments of 2015.

January 2015 — Costa Rica


January had me starting a new phase to my travels, which was leaving Asia behind and finally exploring Central America, particularly Costa Rica. I had never visited before and what I found was a country that was wild and beautiful! It affected me so much, that I’ve gone back twice now.

Pura Vida is a term that is used readily and there’s a reason why. Life is thrumming, surrounding you at every step and view point. What’s alive is not just animals either, but the jungle itself.

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March 2015 — Coming Out


By spring, I was living by the Caribbean Sea in Bocas del Toro, Panama and what influenced my thoughts weren’t travel related. It was entirely personal.

Somehow I found the bravery to admit something — the secret shame of my body issues and how it affects my interactions with other cultures. Do you have the same issues?

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May 2015 — Who Let The Dogs Out?


There’s no doubt I hit a rough patch in Nicaragua by May. This particular country got under my skin on so many uncomfortable levels, that once the smoke cleared, I was left kind of shattered at the weird occurrences surrounding me.

There was one standout day though, that still makes me laugh at the absurdity. Imagine dressing up the average domestic dog in a costume and holding it up in front of a statue of a saint? Only in Nicaragua.

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July 2015 — Solo House Sitting


By the summer of 2015 I was in full-on house sitting mode in the remote environs of Xcalak, Mexico. Nicaragua was far behind and being on an isolated beach was the right setting to heal from many personal setbacks.

Since I was in that frame of mind which involves looking after someone else’s property, I took it upon myself to set up a proper guide for single travelers interested in trying this alternate form of accommodations.

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October 2015 — Kicking Stereotypes to Hell


Forever and ever, I’ve had this fear to share my age of 44. This fear stemmed from being judged by others or having assumptions placed on who I am or what I’m capable of. Aging is a stigma in our society and youth is so fawned over, it’s practically pornographic.

So after one of my ranting essays, I decided to create my own list of successful, beautiful women who destroy all the nagging stereotypes women of a certain age are still saddled with.

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Whee, that was fun! Thank you for going down memory lane with me. I’m feeling so pumped about 2016 as I start posting more about Playa del Carmen (I’m living here now!). Are you excited about the upcoming year?