The reason why I love cities are the stories they reveal. Everything from traffic patterns to public behavior or even utilitarian architecture forms a narrative. Delhi is the epicenter of India. It’s home to diplomats, entombed kings and the average Indian trying to scrape a living. In terms of atmosphere, Delhi is a swirling tornado of buzz. Every corner or alleyway generates just as many questions as answers. It’s a city that’s actively alive. This bored, sick person tried to capture that energy on the streets.

Citizens watching the ICC World Cup:

India captured the cup with 6 wickets. An emotional win, since it’s been a dry 28 years for them!

Garbage sorters:

I can’t escape them!

He was fascinated when I showed him the photo on my camera:

An obvious reason why this is here. Like a sticker on my forehead:

Can you believe they knelt down and touched my feet after snapping this?

This building took my fancy:

This invokes a simpler time:

Taking a break:

Street side service:

Delhi builds upwards:

I discovered her in a middle class neighbourhood ironing clothes. I felt horrible, tried to hand her 10 rupees to thank her for the photo, she ironed it and gave it back.

Sunday market in Pitampura:

I love this photo! Every pixel speaks volumes:

Street food maestro:

Momos and hot sauce (gobbled up shortly after this photo):