Why do we only pay attention to sunsets while on vacation?

I think this is sad.

When was the last time you looked up and really saw a sunset? I don’t mean briefly glancing as you punch in a text on your smartphone, but actually putting it down to watch muted changes in the sky? On a regular ol’ Monday?

We don’t pause enough to reflect, or even worse, we ignore what’s relevant — like living in the moment.

We are always obsessed with the past or ticking off what’s next.

An ugly realization: sometimes a moment is all we have.

Since living in Panama, I’ve been exposed to strictly a westward view. Every day, it’s sunsets, sunsets, sunsets. If you come for anything on Bastimentos, Panama, let it be for the sunsets alone.

What’s incredible to me is how a single view can alter multiple times — whether it’s streaks of pink or a flood of bright orange exploding across the sky. Like time and events, even sunsets are complex.

 The Same Sky, Different Ways

From my “office” window:


From the same angle, with vastly different results:



Okay, is it just me or do you also see a cloud face?


Some random angles, but still the same sky:



Throwing These in, Come on, Wouldn’t You?

One day I caught a half rainbow with breakfast in hand to eat on my porch:


Nearly two months later, a full one appeared on a Sunday morning:


I love the slowness of them, enjoy grasping only a moment, cherish how happy sunsets (and rainbows) make me feel.

So again, why don’t we see them more?