This is It

It’s been a furious few days mainly spent on the pavement, a phone line, or surfing the web.

A week before the demise of my corporate career a chief worry was meeting my financial goal.  That concern forced me to consider setting back my leave date of June to August – a disappointing prospect.

When HR director slid the severance package across a table and I released the freshly printed documents from a brown envelope the dollar amount staring back at me was it. Basically what I needed to begin.

The first 3 nights of unemployment proved sleepless, my brain revving with scenarios or possible outcomes. The fourth night I slept soundly. By the fifth, desire and reality clicked into place – two puzzle pieces slotting together.

What I desperately longed for had come, but did so abruptly. A whack to the side of the head.

As I processed the layoff,  one question nipped at my heels – what now?

It was obvious.


My new hashtag. For those unfamiliar, the Twitter tribe can follow certain lists, which are initiated by hastags, marked with a # before it. My former hashtag was #rtwsoon. But, no more.

I’ve graduated, it’s clear forces are pushing me towards that June departure date.

Oh yeah, it’s on.

Inert, slouch mode is replaced with being upright, feeling the ground beneath my feet, a weighty pack against my hips and back. Morning coffee won’t come from a plastic dispenser, but a smiling, toothless street vendor beneath the tropical sun. Sustenance will no longer sizzle under cancer forming rays in a microwave. It’s open fires and grills from now on.

I’m already mining that mentality. I’ve walked everywhere the past few days, basking in fresh air and spring flowers. By everywhere, I mean 20 city blocks plus. My morning yoga routine is full bore, and I sat down to actually read an unfinished book. Creaky body parts are becoming buttery dough, malleable and smooth. Especially slumber. Oh, the glories of a full 8 hours with naps interspersed!

It’s forming as I write this, 15 Things I’m Looking Forward To is resoundingly present. I’ve never felt so relaxed or productive.

By the end of May, my old life will wrap up. First stop is brother and mother across the open prairies.

I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

What is Scary

Lack of travel arsenal:

  • Backpack.
  • Laptop.
  • External hard drives.
  • Plug adaptor.
  • Extra battery and SD cards for camera.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Travel vaccinations.
  • Visas (if needed).

God, I’m certain there are a number of items missing from this list. I’ll need to mine craigslist and other sources.

What You Can Expect

Never one to leave my faithful friends hanging, I hope to document the experience of closing shop.

  1. Gear list.
  2. Just where my old crap will go.
  3. Complete the series on unplugging from the cubicle. Figure my expertise is cemented in this area now.
  4. How to keep in touch with loved ones.
  5. How to pack like you’re going to jail. Über minimalist.
  6. Some ideas on income streams for the burgeoning digital nomad.

And whatever else enters my curious mind.

Don’t be fooled, of course I’m quaking, frightened at the unknown road ahead. What fortifies me is a well of amazing relationships and an innate knack for resourcefulness. It came full circle when I recycled that brown envelope used to house my severance package by placing the application for Child Haven into it, addressed to an untethered future, one beaming with promise.

Anything new is terrifying, but isn’t it worth doing? Now give me that virtual high-five! I know you want to.