Sometimes a blog is a confession. Intended or not. Writers spill their secrets, their darkest desires and ensnare you involuntarily into their web.

So, here goes – in the depths of my heart – I’ve been cheating. On hostels.

Don’t mistake me, I still love the devil-may-care attitude of hostels, the loads of multi-dimensional, sometimes bizarre people you encounter, the management’s admirable attempts at breakfasts you recall from home and the cheap beer easily attainable from a fridge. Just slip some dollars into a jar and let the drinking begin.

But now, there’s room for another in my heart: Roomorama.

Ever since I got the lucky chance to test drive some properties in Taiwan and Hong Kong, I’ve grown quite fond of you. See – I savor my alone time even more these days. Space for me to roll out my yoga mat. Snort with laughter at things I read or watch. Chat to my close friends back home with freedom to discuss my innermost thoughts without an audience.

I was blind to the other side of the fence for too long. That short-term accommodation at times can appear more expensive, but it reaps so many benefits.

I’ve touched on this in the past, somehow having your own room is so bloody relaxing. The solo female traveler can unclench – be flexible with her guard a little.

Second confession: when researching accommodation options for San Fermin, I was worried. Although my timing of six months in advance seemed smart, hostels and hotels proved unforgiving.

It was clear the traditional route wasn’t going to pan out. So based on the strength of my previous partnership with Roomorama, it was beautiful timing when they stepped in to be crowned our main accommodation provider for San Fermin.

A city the wee size of Pamplona brings in the most tourist dollars during the fiesta, a time when sweet, elderly Spanish ladies sweep and dust their spare rooms to open them to tourist fodder. Such as me.

Here’s a preview of our flat:

Our flat is situated in the old town near to Café Iruña, the establishment made famous by Papa – Ernest Hemingway. We’ll also have a fine view of the bridge over the river Arga.

We’re excited to be in the thick of the action, because from what I’ve been reading, there will be plenty for us to pick and choose from!

Mostly though, it’s reassuring to have a cozy, comfortable place to rest at until the next party. And that is worth having sometimes.

Final confession: some of those paperbacks you saw me reading, I stole from you, hostels. Forgive me?

Read about Roomoram’s beginnings or connect with them on their website, blog, Twitter and Facebook.

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Photo:  Matt Hintsa