Could be fate.

Divine gift from the Gods.

Just my lucky hour.

Louise Brown from Travel Blog Sites laid down the news in her usual nonchalant, easy manner:

“Just so’z you know, Nomadic Chick is ranked #73 on our Travel Blog Sites leaderboard.”

My response:

“OH MY GOD. Seriously? Wow. I. Am. Speechless. Figuratively, not literally.”

And I was. Speechless, that is. With the blitz of information coming at me on a daily basis, I had a trickling of Travel Blog Sites, but didn’t comprehend that some of my contemporary travel heroes and heroines are on it.

73 is not massive, but nothing to whine about. It’s respectable. The slippery slope could be to fall into the hype, let my ego and focus wane. Fame is the spring water delivery boy, distracting and enticing. Oh, is he ever.

However, my Canadian humbleness always wins.

The fact is #73 wouldn’t be possible without readers. So, THANK YOU. Thanks for enjoying this site.  Thanks for encouraging my creative process. Thanks for enjoying the writing. Virtual high fives all around!

Woo Hoo!!