“You have to look at it as a piece of artwork.” — Twist, on graffiti

In art, there’s nothing if not drama. After I revealed my tale of art woe…  The great love, the loss that tore my heart to pieces, until I finally recaptured the flame. The time came to move towards bigger waters. Shanghai.

I ventured on a rainy Friday afternoon to 50 Moganshan Lu, or known as M50, to feast on more artwork.

If you’re unaware of M50, it use to be an industrial area along Suzhou Creek, in the downtown district of Jing’an. As the millennium unfolded, several Chinese artists found the large factory spaces and cheap rent appealing. Today, the quarter of M50 is flooded by international visitors and locals, and was named a must-see part of Shanghai to visit by Time Magazine.

However, before I got to explore the commercialized art of M50, my curious nature couldn’t help noticing a series of spray painted walls. Some of these walls housing nothing more than junk, replete with junkyard chickens.

Droplets of rain didn’t deter me from walking for several yards back and forth capturing some inventive street art.

You wouldn’t think such a nondescript street would have this, but as usual, China continually surprises me.

The street:


The chickens:


The art:


Either a Matrix tribute or Psy of Gangnam Style fame. Since the damn song is played everywhere, it has to be the latter.






This one pulled me in by the collar. What is it? Can I go there and experience it?


Close encounters:



This piece reminded me of what all edgy graffiti artists do, tag to mark their territory and cement their fame.



A rich, multi-layered painting. It was brilliant, masterful and spoke volumes about the exploitation of Chinese culture and the Panda.




I was so impressed with this work that I had to find out the culprits.


Go to Moganshan Lu, but also pay attention to the bubbles of inspiration at street level. Creation is valid, whether gallery approved or not.

Me? I’m a rebel. You’ll always find me hanging with the downtown chickens and seeking new avenues of inspiration.

Will the gleamy art galleries of M50 deliver? I was doubtful. Stay tuned to find out!