It cannot be surprising how much I adore flamenco. Take a look around this site. If you’ve been reading my exploits for some time, my mandate has always focused on sorting out your own rules and dancing to who you truly are. Legend has it the Spanish gypsies originated from Andalusia. I am vibrating with anticipation that Spain will be my first country on the Ultimate Train Challenge.

I have to, will die, if I don’t stop in a town or city and seek out flamenco. I don’t mean some over run, turista bar where tasteless paella and sangria are part of the entrance fee. I crave a tucked away, almost derelict joint. The floor is scuffed, nearly worn down from the bang of the shoe to the toque, the paint faded, the walls wowing against the mournful, joyful octaves of cante. I will get inebreitaed on cheap wine with the locals, attempt to dance, but end the night clapping feverishly and giggling my way into a hangover so worth it, I’ll grow misty remembering the origins.

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I hope to stop at one city or town during the European portion and want your trusty suggestions! Help make my first European jaunt a memorable one.

Part of the Ultimate Train Challenge is our commitment to raising $10,000 for charity, by partnering with the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation and the Da Nang Association of Agent Orange Victims. Each dollar will go directly to children at the center near Da Nang who suffer from the effects of Agent Orange to this day. You can help donate by purchasing Eurail tickets through my website or donate directly by going through the Ultimate Train Challenge site. I’d like to thank our European sponsor, Eurail for supporting this important cause.

Music: Jesse Cook

Photo: Mish Mish