How to Make the Most Out of Playa del Carmen

So I’ve been living in Playa del Carmen for a while now and have had the chance to witness different ways of enjoying this growing city. It obviously depends on the length of time you have to play with. I chose a different route than others, but very happy to talk about the various options out there. […]

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Playa del Carmen, is it Paradise?

I made a grave mistake. The darkened highway suddenly burst with lights as the ADO bus barrelled towards the centre of Playa del Carmen. All that light made me cower. Popping sounds exploded in my eardrums before I realized it was music blaring from a store. I peered out the bus window, seeing too many brightly lit stores and people, moving swiftly down the paved sidewalks. After four months of existing in a silent world of star filled nights and empty beaches in Xcalak, this slice of civilization was frightening. There is comfort in solitude. I felt protected in the bubble of my routine that nobody could intrude on. […]

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Where Have I Been? Oh, a Little Place Called Costa Rica

I know, you’re probably wondering if I’m dead or alive. Sorry playahs, this gal has been joyfully dabbling in Costa Rica. It’s my third time returning to the land of “Pura Vida” and just when I assume I’ll get sick of it, this unique country always draws me in. The true reason I stepped back into Costa Rica was for another writer’s retreat in Puerto Viejo! Even though Leigh and I courted a smaller group this time, each woman brought so much to the table. A life well lived, full of wisdom, and the willingness to let us guide them for a brief seven days. […]

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San José del Cabo, Mexico … Yes, You Should Go!

Now that I’m in Mexico, everybody talks about Cancun, Oaxaca, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Mérida, and so on. These are amazing places, don’t mistake me, but what else is there that’s less obvious? Frankly, I’ve always been very curious about Baja California. Probably because a long time ago, I remember Chris Isaak mentioning that was his favorite spot to surf/hang, and I had an obsessive crush on him. Anyway, enough about my nutty crushes. In Baja California, everybody goes to Cabo San Lucas, but San José del Cabo is a good alternative to it. Here’s why: […]

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Discovering San Diego: A City Less Traveled

About two years ago, my best friend and her husband traveled to San Diego. This struck me as an odd choice. I’ve known these two for nearly 15 years, and they travel several times a year, often choosing exotic, interesting places. It’s common for them to fly to Copenhagen or Osaka. So it was underwhelming when they announced this San Diego trip. But once I saw their photos and heard about their experience, I felt intrigued. They sadly don’t have a blog but as their spokesperson, I’m going to share some tidbits about San Diego that will make YOU want to do something crazy — visit a city less traveled. […]

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Amsterdam: What to Hit

Let’s talk about Amsterdam. I’d rather forget it after the entire city pissed me off last summer, but truth is people want sound advice on what to see or do there. And since I was there, it’s only fitting I be the one to tell you. A few of my friends are going to explore Europe this summer, so it’s time to release bitterness (ooh, those cranky locals) and show you a good time in Amsterdam. […]

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