Where Have I Been? Oh, a Little Place Called Costa Rica

I know, you’re probably wondering if I’m dead or alive. Sorry playahs, this gal has been joyfully dabbling in Costa Rica. It’s my third time returning to the land of “Pura Vida” and just when I assume I’ll get sick of it, this unique country always draws me in. The true reason I stepped back into Costa Rica was for another writer’s retreat in Puerto Viejo! Even though Leigh and I courted a smaller group this time, each woman brought so much to the table. A life well lived, full of wisdom, and the willingness to let us guide them for a brief seven days. […]

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The 10 Hottest Women Over 40

Come on, you knew this was coming. I’ve taken up the challenge to do my own list of women who blow away the definition of hot. The point I was making with my rant about being a woman over 40 is to heartily fight the prescribed constructs heaped upon us. What is 40 exactly? What does it look like, act like, sound like? I’d say with this list of hot ladies, it’s so diverse, there is no one definition. To me, hotness isn’t about doing jello shots anymore and it’s instant lust for the other person. Hotness deepens with maturity, but it never ages. […]

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The Myths of Being a Woman Over 40 & Traveling

I’m writing this post for you. For every woman over 40 who’s sick of the lack of coverage we receive. Who rarely, if ever, is featured in an over 40 female travel blog list. Yet, the younger, female versions of us are repeatedly focused on in these lists. What makes me angriest about these disparities is that men in my age group DO receive accolades or are celebrated for their travel escapades. Where are our voices? We are also out here, traveling and making emboldened life choices. […]

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Creative Revolution Retreats: November in Costa Rica!

You know about the yearly retreats that Leigh Shulman and I organize? Well, I’m heading to Costa Rica again in November! We’re going back to the same awesome resort, Samasati Nature Retreat, a jungle paradise that expands 250 acres, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 10 women are invited to join us from November 1-8, for 7-days of sisterhood and writing. […]

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Coming Out of the Closet: I’m Size XX

“You are stronger than your muscles.” — Gloria Latham “Are you pregnant???” I swiftly looked down at my belly, where she was staring, dead centre at the hump where my abs were supposed to be. “Uh, no.” I knew there was a grimace on my face when I answered. But, I was getting fed up with cultural propriety. For several days, I tried to get use to these blunted questions in the Philippines. My brain reiterated that observational questions like this were not frowned upon, but my flabby stomach felt otherwise. I sucked it in — to minimize the scrutiny. After I left that country, I’d move onto the next one, innocently appearing at a store or a restaurant, to be met with the same bluntness. […]

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International Women’s Day: Female Trailblazers

I couldn’t let International Women’s Day pass without, well, talking about women. Particularly, I want to focus on five women who I’ve stalked, admired, salivated over, or just feel are plain awesome. My upbringing was bizarre enough that to compete with women never occurred to me until high school when Laura pretty-mean-girl nominated herself my torturer. She aptly pointed out I wasn’t thin enough, beautiful enough, nor smart enough to cut it at Saint Francis High School. Ohh, one more thing — I wasn’t Catholic enough either (my mommy was a Buddhist). Can I just say Catholicism wasn’t something I aspired to. I skipped mass all the time. Somehow I endured nasty Laura and other challenges to be right here, right now, writing these words. My mindset has always been to support other women, to celebrate our triumphs, to cry together when things turn to shit. I LOVE us. The one gleaming piece of knowledge I’ve come away with from my travels is women all over the planet still deserve more than what they’ve gotten. In the spirit of forgiveness towards Laura what’s-her-name, these five women are on my radar because they do things that we can all aspire to — whatever gender you are. […]

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