Since I announced my intention to take a breather from constant movement, it’s been a nail-biting few weeks. Of negotiations.

I certainly never pictured myself as a scholarly type, molding myself against what Noam Chomsky once said about academia: “Go to any elite university and you are usually speaking to very disciplined people, people who have been selected for obedience..”

Obedience leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. At my corporate career, I was the imposter, the bad girl in class who gazed longingly out the window, far more intrigued with what lay beyond the glass than the mind numbing tasks before me.

My wanderings around the world taught me color, a vibrancy that academia never provided. That humans are more complicated, yet relatable. That politics can weave its ugly tapestry that affects families to the poorest level. How broad, varied, tragic and fantastic this planet really is.

Sadly, a girl has to eat. And stop for a while.

I must have set aside my ‘bad girl’ status briefly, because I’ve been hired to teach English at a real Chinese university.

I’m very satisfied with the decision because it’s a short contract of five months, part-time hours and happily, I’m provided with accommodations. That I have to clean. Cook. Those will be some interesting posts – how a bad girl cooks and cleans.

Starting in February, for the next few months my shingle will be hanging in Wuxi, China, approximately an hour from Shanghai.

Wuxi is considered a massive suburb of Shanghai and get this; has the third largest lake in China (Lake Tai)! Lots to explore, much to adjust to, but I feel fired up, very ready.

There I am in the above photo holding all the documents I need to get my work visa in Hong Kong.

This new chapter is thrilling and you will benefit from it. There is never only one way to explore being abroad, so hopefully I can be your guinea pig.

Will I adopt tweed? A fake British accent?

One thing I hope to do is inject some sass in the classroom, stir these kids to embrace the wonders of English pronunciation.

Because Mr. Chomsky also said this of young minds: “..If children[‘s] normal interest is maintained or even aroused, they can do all kinds of things in ways we don’t understand.