It’s finally available for all of you to gawk at! My network television debut on House Hunters International.

The episode follows my friend, Matt Gibson, a blogger and travel writer as he makes the big move from Cranbook, British Columbia, Canada to Tainan, Taiwan.

And me? I play the friend “Jeannie”, who tours the potential apartments with him and helps him pick the best home. I’m generous like that.

It originally aired on March 5 and being stuck in China, I haven’t even watched it yet! Was told by those who did watch that I call Matt cheap and giggle a lot (okay, maybe I had one drink or two before the shoot).

I’m 110% certain superstardom awaits me. To save my fragile ego, do be kind in the comments will you? Us method actors are highly sensitive.

In case you missed what the hell this is about, read my account of being on set with House Hunters International.