It’s the holidays, a time of renewal and wistful remembrance of the past year. What would you change? How would you change it? What would you keep the same? What do you want to do now? Sit down and plan out those resolutions, isn’t it time to do what you’ve been burying during the past year? Sally Hope continues her fabulous video series on obtaining the life you want. 

Greetings Nomadic readers!!

I’m Sally. A life coach, but don’t hold that against me.

Coaching is all about creating the kind of life you want, and really, how awesome is that?

I am so glad that Jeannie invited me to talk to you guys because hopefully I can help with some of those ol’ pesky “How’s” in your life. Like, “HOW do I get the things I want in my life?” and “HOW do I go from where I am now, to where I want to be?” As a life coach, that’s my job. To help you get crystal clear on what your big vision is for your ideal life, help you come up with a plan to execute it, provide accountability for you so you’ll actually do it, and be here with you all along the way to give you virtual hugs and encouragement, and cheerleading and to say, “YEAH!!! You can do this…frickin GO FOR IT!!!”

When you are “going for it,” I like to call that “creating your Rockstar Life.” To me, a Rockstar Life is all about living the kind of life you want, creating your own rules, and not taking ‘no’ for an answer. It’s about being willing to go out of your comfort zone.  No rockstar got where they are without taking risks and deciding that their life was going to be the way they wanted it.

And that’s what I’m here for. To help you realize and create your Rockstar Life.

This post is the third installment out of a five step series on how to “Create Your Rockstar Life.” The first two steps were 1) Leave the House, and 2) Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway.

Today’s post is called “Don’t Wait for the Right Time”. Why? Because it’ll never show up.

When we have big dreams and ideas for ourselves, we first get excited, and then we get scared. We don’t know where to start, which steps to take, how we’re going to make it work, how it’s all going to turn out. It’s all unknown and that is possibly the scariest thing most of us can think of. So, what happens is that you tuck your dreams away for “another time,” because you feel like right now just isn’t the right time (not enough money, not enough time, too many obligations, etc).

The truth is, those are all excuses.

When you have big dreams, there’s never going to be a “right time.” It’s never going to feel comfortable going out of your comfort zone, or doing something you’ve never done before. So you shouldn’t wait until it “feels right” to do your dreams.  Because then it’ll never happen.

It’s okay to be scared. Being scared is an indicator that something really matters to you. What I want you to take away from this post is the next time you find yourself saying “I can’t do this thing because it’s not the right time,” that probably means it’s the perfect time. So, go do it. Cool?

Does any of this sound familiar? Leave a comment below and share your experience. Or tell us the last thing that you thought “wasn’t the right time” to do.

Who I Is:  Sally Hope is a Blogger/Love and Life Coach who loves hot-pink lipstick, knives, and cowboys. A former Rockstar, she has taken her show from the stage to the road by traveling around the US in an RV while coaching her clients and inspiring people to live their own Rockstar Lifestyles. Her latest obsessions include traveling, country swing dancing, motorcycles, LOVE, chips and salsa, and adventuring. Whatever it is you are wanting in your life, she will help you get there faster, with a good butt kicking, a wink, and a smile. You can find her at her website or Twitter or getting ridiculous on her YouTube channel.

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