Don’t you love summer?

It’s the season of barbecues, sticky skin from slathered sunscreen and condensation sliding down a beer bottle.

It’s also the time of year to go camping.

I personally haven’t camped in quite a while, but come August I’ll get my chance.

From August 8th to 9th , 2014, I will be speaking once again (remember the first two occasions?) at the world’s first blogging festival!

Blogstock is it’s name and my fellow speakers are an interesting lot. There’s entrepreneurs, travel bloggers, PR aficionados, blogging experts, small business owners and even a Blogstock DJ spinning tunes. Really, I urge you to review the line-up of speakers.

I wanted to be involved because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

There’s no conference rooms, but teepees. No tired old PowerPoint presentations but people really connecting face to face, even sitting on the ground, much like a music festival but instead of rock bands, there’s me.

The festival will be held outside of London, in Hertfordshire, where mass camping will take place.

What subject am I speaking about? My last two speaking engagements were very diverse and Blogstock is no different.

Then there's me!

Then there’s me!

My session is so named: How to Have a Creative Revolution. This is partly due to my own and in homage to my upcoming writer’s retreat in Costa Rica.

My hour long session involves the truth about being a creative person — we are told not to be. So we flail in life and complete a plumber’s ticket instead of what makes our hearts happy.

Or we start a blog and then have no clue how to market our creative selves.

That’s where I come in. In my session, my agenda is to:

  • Begin with a bit of storytelling on how I got to where I am.
  • Then proceed to some creative exercises, a bit of meditation (I know, so new age) and finally;
  • Giving marketable ideas on how to turn your creative talents into a business by using your blog presence well and wisely.

Being creative is about living your true dharma. These days I’m all about dharma, otherwise I would have stayed, rotting at the engineering company.

Blogstock will be:

  1. Low-tech. No projectors and me boring people with monosyllabic tones. It’s about getting down to live interaction with people, which can be missing from other conferences.
  2. I’m even incorporating some meditation!
  3. Breeding a festival-like atmosphere. That means, anything could happen. Anything goes. I LOVE that sense of not knowing. Don’t you?
  4. Offering a broad based scope of blogging in general — not just in the travel niche.

Anyway, I’m quite excited at being in nature for a weekend, going to a festival, because I haven’t been to one in ages, and I am stoked to be a speaker at this experimental conference. You can thank the dudes at Traverse Events for dreaming up the idea.

After Blogstock, I plan to give London another chance. I hear it’s a hep place to be in the summer.

If you are in Europe, consider coming to Blogstock. If you are in England or around London, definitely consider coming.

They’ll be music, blogging talk, laughter and hanging out — plenty of everything.

I’l even make it easy for you.


How to Get to Blogstock

From London: Hertfordshire is north of London and is easily accessible by train. Trains from London Kings Cross will take you to St Albans and trains from London Euston will stop in Watford and Hemel Hempstead. Try this website for booking:

From Stansted: A popular choice is National Express. They’ve never steered me wrong and it has been said, they are less erratic than the trains in England!

From Gatwick:  Gatwick is a bit further away from Hertfordshire  and not as close as Stansted, so you’re likely good either way — to train it is an hour or taking National Express a bit longer.

If you are driving: Because driving on the wrong side of the road can be scary, consider using Gatwick Parking, You can park your car for more than a day and then hop a train or bus to Hertfordshire.

Blogstock Tickets and Information

Buy tickets from their website:

Twitter: @Blogstock_UK.

Twitter hashtag: #blogstock.

I do hope you come, would be peachy to meet you!