Summer is drawing near and more and more people are beginning to plan their holiday for the summer months. Here are some top choices for travel in 2016.

Ibiza, Spain

With its gorgeous coastline, Ibiza is a great place for a summer vacation. The island offers some of the best hotels along the Mediterranean.

Koufonisia, Greece

For those vacationers who want to find a more tranquil beach with a slower pace, head to Koufonisia. Hidden between two larger islands, the community is home to less than 400 residents.


For travellers wanting a change of pace, the Maldives is a top destination. Diving is popular here with several shipwrecks open for dives.

Las Vegas

Vegas has a lot to offer visitors and, in fact, some have likened the city to a large amusement park. Expect to find some of the world’s best gambling whether you’re a novice gambler who only knows online sites like www.casinoonline.co.nz or an experienced high roller.

Puerto Rico

This island in the Caribbean has a lot of offer for a wide range of guests. Visit historic sites such as El Morro, a 16th century fortress. Vacationer may also enjoy lounging on the spectacular beaches or touring the tropical forests.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Probably the best reason to visit here is the beach. The location is somewhat secluded and offers up numerous upscale resorts. For fun in the evenings, enjoy the nightlife scene on La Quinta Avenida.

Rio de Janiero

As the host city for the 2016 Olympic Games, this city is going to be the place for summer vacations. Not only will the games be points of interest but other sites around the city as well.

As summer gets even closer, the world is at your fingertips. Just where will you spend your summer holiday?

Photo courtesy of iEva Daina via Trover.