Ebikes are the main mode of transportation in China. I bought one myself in September of 2012 and it’s the closest thing to a motorcycle that I will ever get. I’ve seen dogs in baskets, families of three, nuzzling couples and solo riders either whizzing beside me or directly towards me. Pray for me. That I don’t die.

Before my recent purchase, ebikes were somewhat of a mystery to me. In Canada, they are considered greener, but sadly, freakin’ expensive! A mountain style-bike can start at $800 CDN, spiking upwards to $3,000 CDN for a motor scooter style. When truly, you can purchase a ‘beater’ car for $1,000. One that covers your head in inclement weather, plays Whitesnake and takes you places near or far. Based on those glaring pluses, an ebike loses its appeal. Global warming? It sucks to be you.

When I was in Prague last summer figuring out what to do with myself, I decided to go on an ebike tour of the city.

What? No walking? No horse and carriage ride through the Old Town, or “city within in a city” (as Prague is so fondly referred as)? Believe it or not, Prague is full of beautiful parks to ride through and the cobblestoned inclines are perfect conditions for an ebike.

Some tidbits and facts I learned on my tour with E-Bike Prague.

Helmets are provided.

The ebikes are a standard type with adjustable seats.

It was easy to operate. The black lever is used to switch gears. The red button helps boost the bike to get it started. And to make the whole bike move? Turn the grey handlebar towards you and the bike begins zooming! Ebikes for Dummies, right?

Shut up already, how about some scenery?

Silent, peaceful rides through nature.

The tour makes quite a few stops. Overlooking the Vitava River is the Prague Metronome.

Erected in 1991, it was built in the same spot where a large monument to Stalin once stood (destroyed in 1962). The tick-tock sound of the metronome symbolizes the monotony of communist rule under Russia.

It’s also become the public Value Village. Actually, more a skateboarding haunt.

E-Bike Prague provides a tour guide, a safety rider at the rear and a picnic lunch, where you sit in the grand outdoors and partake in a panoramic view.

Kampa Island is situated just along Vltava’s edge and the entrance of the Kampa Museum is guarded by these.

Oversized zombie babies with barcodes for faces is the nightmarish brainchild of sculptor and enfant terrible, David Cerny. Cerny’s work can be found in several locations throughout the city, the other notable installation is the ‘pissing‘ men, in front of the Franz Kafka Museum. Prepare to be offended or laugh so nosily you snort if you see that one.

Naturally, we just had to stop at Prague Castle.

The guide told us a hilarious story about this fountain. A person was looking into it and taking photographs, when a naked, homeless man leaped out of it and scared the bejesus out of the tourist. A dude has to bathe somehow.

The tour rides through several other areas that I failed to mention. Such as the Jewsish Quarter, the National Theater and the Royal Gardens.

One refreshing aspect about this tour was our guide. He spun some humorous anecdotes that wasn’t the typical regurgitation of boring facts, the fountain story being one example. I’m a lover of stories and he was full of them.

Truth is I saw many companies offering bicycle tours and if you’re at a certain fitness level, those are worth doing, but if someone is long in the tooth, ate few too many Loupáks or wants to enjoy the scenery without heaving and sweating all over the place, this ebike tour is the way to go.

There’s no shame in flicking on a switch and sailing. You aren’t a loser. Or lazy. You’d be contributing to less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and avoiding a tumble to some sharp cobblestones. A win-win!

When: two times a day, 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.
Duration: three hours.
Cost: 1,000 CZK ($51 USD or $52 CDN).
Clothing: some light clothing is ideal in the summer months, a warm jacket for colder months and if it rains, they provide rain slickers.
Web: www.ebikeprague.com.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ebikeprague.
Phone number: +420 608 895 331.

*Since I did this tour, the order of stops has changed slightly. I recommend checking their website for the route.

E-Bike Prague provided a complimentary tour, but all opinions are my own.