Twas the best night in Halifax, when all through the pub

I met Candice and Cailin after catching some grub.

The streets were on route to a Saturday night party,

While conversation and drinks proved deliciously hearty.

Halifax was originally an Acadian village;

Till the English arrived bringing pain and some pillage.

In time it was settled, then others arrived

Leaving a modern day Halifax historically uncontrived.

There’s spirit and home pride, all through the air,

Enjoy the Economy Shoe Shop, or Maxwell Plum if you so dare.

Or sample Greek feed at Opa, there’s plenty of cheer!

So the next night I staggered after drinking some beer.

And went back to Jimi’s mischevious and all,

We dared each other to slide down the stairs, but what if we fall?

We laughed and laughed, squealing like kids

Reminding me that travel is never the skids.

It brings wonder and innocence,

Bridges the gap of dissonance.

There should be more weekends like this,

When I meet new friends and experience bliss.

Goodbye Halifax, I’ll be back for sure

Your shoreline and beauty is part of the lure.