Okay, I’m officially bored.

Delhi is an uncracked egg and all I can do is sit in my hotel room until staph from hell goes away.

I saw Lodhi Gardens the other day, found a mall with Lush and The Body Shoppe (two in one!), but after a day of flying back and forth on the metro my neck and arm were pissed.

What are you doing??!! We’re itchy!!!

So, I sit here.

What I’ve done so far:

1) Checked flights to Sri Lanka and Thailand. Indecisive!

2) Cut all my toenails. Now working on fingernails.

3) Stayed in pyjamas all day.

4) Reading Five Point Someone, released as the Bollywood film 3 Idiots. The writing is clunky and juvenile. The White Tiger was 20 times better.

5) Flood my Twitter stream with nonsense. My followers wonder if I’m crazy.

6) Drink heaps of guava juice.

7) Pretend to nap, but really worried about writing posts or site maintenance.

8) Download movies I missed six months ago. Currently: Black Swan and The Fighter.

9) Brush my teeth at two in the afternoon.

10) Skype everyone I know. Hi, how are you? Entertain meeeeee!

How do you occupy your time when you’re sick?