I don’t know about you, but the range of choices to book flights is never ending. Sometimes overwhelming. I’ve used them all. Kayak, Momondo, FlightFox and Expedia.

On this site, I try to bring to light services that have benefited me as I hop the globe.

While those other booking sites get plenty of press, today I’d like to introduce a site that you may not know about. Vayama.

Vayama is a relatively young company, only four years old, but is fast becoming prevalent in offering a range of airlines and prices to suit anyone’s budget.

Flying is not my first choice of transportation, but in order to cross continents it has to be done. For me, I’d rather it be a painless experience than a complete hassle.

Vayama is an easy tool to use. Hot dang!

Type in your parameters in the search window:

I personally like the layout of their search results page. At the top is a clear list of airlines with prices in a neat row and as you scroll down each airline is presented in more detail with an option to select a flight:

One thing that is bold and shows Vayama’s confidence in their prices is offering a price comparison to other online booking sites like CheapOAir or Travelocity, right on the same page!

One last aspect that is user friendly about Vayama is once you’ve selected a flight, instead of punting you to another browser window that can load slower than you’d like, the selection appears in the same window and you can fill in your personal information and continue with the purchase.

I’m also a faithful user of Momondo, knowing that they aggregate online booking sites and don’t act as a booking site themselves, which is understandable, yet at times the extra browser window makes me lose patience.

Yes, that’s how much I need my airline searches to be smooth and accessible. I’m also a whiny prat when it comes to airline travel.

Somewhere in my foggy memory I remember using Vayama a couple of times to research flights and was always impressed with their results. Thus I sought them out to partner with Girls Running With Bulls.

Vayama is taking me to London this Monday where I’ll chomp on curry with some writer and blogger friends. Perhaps even do some shopping at Oxford Circus. Some of the products I adore are nowhere to be found in China. My product bag is a desert replete with tumbleweeds and vultures. This girl needs to stock up!

This may sound silly, but I’m a sharer. When I discover a new tool and think it’s useful to others, I just have to tell everyone. So I’m glad to share what Vayama does, thankful to be partnering with them and hope it eases your travel planning.

Though, I only share hugs with a certain selection of people. Just warning you.

Try out Vayama through their website or catch their tweets where they post flight deals and fun things like travel photos. Or like them on Facebook.