I’ve been fielding a number of questions lately about that little Train Challenge I tackled back in September.

When I tell complete strangers that I spent six days on a train without getting off, eyes as large as saucers pierce me viciously.  Shocked. Astounded. Even slightly in awe of my gumption to torture myself with no showers and meals that don’t satisfy the appetite.

If you plan on doing the trip without disembarking and are crazy like me, I culled together a short video on my packing items to give you an idea.

Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to be smelly, unattractive and the number one traveler amongst your group of friends.

Cause you did the Trans-Manchurian and rocked it.

To start you off, here’s a picture of what I brought with me.

It looks measly, doesn’t it?

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The site I mention in the video for train travel all over the world is Seat 61, a great source for planning.