I applaud you all. Every single answer to the Versalette Giveaway was a joy to read, but sadly I can only select one winner.

Each tale had me laughing, crying or applauding. One woman hoped she could wear it as her boyfriend proposed to her somewhere exotic. Another one said she’d wear it to the next TBEX in Spain and rave about the person who gifted her with it.

Trust me, it was really hard to decide. I’d give one to all of you if I could!

So, who is the lucky gal?

Sarah Glashagel!!




Something tugged at my heart when Sarah told me how she’d wear the Versalette and why it connets with her philosophy.

My partner Scott and I have recently created our own business online, called From Around the Globe, which allows us to travel, meet local artisans wherever we are, and help these artisans reach a wider audience with their creations. Currently, Scott is teaching math at a middle school on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas, while I visit him occasionally and finalize things back in the States before we embark on further travels in a year or two, expanding our business as we go.

When I visit Scott, and when we begin traveling more frequently, the Versalette would be the absolute PERFECT million-outfits-in-one-piece item for me to have! Right now, our house on Eleuthera is a one bedroom adorable bungalow, but we share a dresser and Scott’s work clothes take up most of the closet space. I also try to keep luggage to a minimum when I’m headed over there, for obvious reasons.

On the island, I can imagine the Versalette being what I would wear for almost any possible event, outing, or situation.

We meet with artisans and take photos and videos of their work — the many ways to wear the Versalette as a top with shorts would be so useful.

We attend school or “fancy” work functions — I could wear it as a dress.

Heading to the beach for an afternoon of relaxation — easy to wear it as a coverup!

When the winds blow a little harder and the temperatures cool down (but never as cold as the Midwest in winter!!), the scarf would be essential.

Later, as you’ve so aptly shown already, the Versalette would be the ULTIMATE travel piece, going from day to night, casual to more formal, and clothing to tote with ease!! Aren’t we ALL looking for that perfect item??!

I can’t think of a better, more versatile piece of clothing, and all the better that Seamly.co is dedicated to sustainability. We are, in our business, as well. I can even imagine getting as many women as possible hooked on the Versalette wherever I go!

Sarah and Scott question what it means to travel. They care about connection —  the impact they have on others, as much as others are impacted by them. Travel can be as deep as you want it to be, but my motto is try to travel deeper.

To know more about Sarah’s work with artisans around the globe, her website is fromaroundtheglobe.com, with updates from her Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. She posts a number of products. Go ahead, give back by supporting an artisan.

Sarah promises to send in some photos of her wearing the Versalette, so you can get an idea of how somebody else wears it.

Speaking of giving back, even though you didn’t score the Versalette, there’s still a chance to get one!

Versalette fotor

The holidays are coming up so why not give yourself the gift of a Versalette?  Simply click on the above image or here and when at the checkout, apply the NOMADIC10 discount code to receive 10% off!

As a special bonus, the NOMADIC10 discount code also applies to any other item in Seamly.co’s lookbook!!

I am crazy in love with the Versalette and have been wearing it for six months and counting. It really is an indispensable travel tool for packing light and looking good.

A big thanks to everyone who entered! As I reveal more products, there will be more chances at giveaways. Promise!

Would I ever lie to you?