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Top Tech You Can Use On Your Next Long Flight

With images of exciting destinations and adventurous expeditions saturating our social media, it’s no surprise that traveling is no longer a luxury, but rather a top priority for our digital generation. No matter where your travel plans take you, you’re going to want to bring your tech along for entertainment or work on your next long flight.

With the rapid changes in air transportation’s rules and regulations, it’s hard to stay on top of what you’re allowed to bring with you onboard the airplane. However, concerns that electronic devices interfere with navigation systems and communication equipment might not be such an issue after all. Here are the five top technologies that will help separate fact from fiction and keep you entertained on your next boring flight.


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5 Gear Essentials for Stunning Travel Photography

Do you love traveling and documenting your adventures in exotic places? If you are an aspiring travel blogger or just someone who wants to take impeccably stunning photos of beautiful destinations, then you need to up your photography game with the right equipment. Travel photography is the perfect avenue for you to let your creative juices flow while enjoying adventures around the world.

You can’t achieve gorgeous travel photos without having the essential photography gear for it. It’s important to invest in the right equipment if you want photos that can accurately reflect the beauty of a place as you see it in real life.

If you want to improve your photos, here are some travel photography essentials you need to have:


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Family Friendly Beach Breaks in 2017

Planning the annual family trip no longer needs to be an ordeal and all it requires is a bit of research to the area you are planning to visit beforehand. A beach vacation is always a good idea for children of all ages and there are plenty of activities available to ensure that temper tantrums and meltdowns are kept to a minimum. Plan your days with plenty of activities, healthy snacks and remember to be flexible and open to your children’s needs. Renting a child-friendly villa or an apartment is a great way to allow you to keep to your own schedule, save money on food, and not have to worry about the people in the hotel room next door.


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6 Incredible Volunteering Opportunities

Spending your vacation volunteering will leave you feeling relaxed, peace filled, and happy with yourself that you have made a difference. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities all over the world so all you have to do is choose where, just make sure you get the correct type of volunteer travel insurance. Here are six incredible volunteering opportunities.


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North versus South: Which Pole to Visit First?

Explorers have been drawn to the ends of the earth for centuries. And like many brave adventurers before us, we’ve decided that the icy lands of the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic are irresistibly calling. We are Agness and Cez of eTramping Travel Blog and we are going to one of the poles at the beginning of 2018!


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How to Have an Authentic Italian Holiday

Is Italy on your bucket list? Well, we cannot blame you! It is one of the go-to destinations for many people, and there is so much to explore! From food to wine, architecture to history, this is a favorite for many seasoned travelers. If you plan to travel to Italy anytime soon, keep on reading and learn from some of our suggestions on how you can have a one-of-a-kind vacation.


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